The Haleakalan

About Us

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We are 7 high school juniors who love talking about all kinds of topics.

We initially began our podcast as a way to save memories of our discussions. We are all heavily interesting in a variety of topics, and having late night talks trying to piece together different options is one of our long lasting activities. Once we started and gained some traction, we got on the weekly grind and diversified our and perspectives.

We became more than just 7 opinions.

A few weeks after our inception, friends from school became interested in the podcast. We received requests to join the podcast for specific episodes so others could use our platform to share their opinions as well. From there, we invited a wide variety of our classmates with various views, and overall improved the content we provide our viewers. Now, we are inviting industry leaders from tech and politics to provide better and more informed opinions to our viewers.

Our Hosts

We together co-founded "The Haleakalan" in September of 2020.

Sahil Shaik

Adithya Peruvemba

Ayaan Haque

Ishaan Bhandari

Rohan Chakravarthi

Sajiv Shah

Viraaj Reddi

Featured Guests

Hua Szu Yang

Harvard Graduate working @ Mobile Iron

Bill Lennan

Co-founder of Haert Program

Nate Warford

UI Designer @ MotivCare

Rohan Kumar

Berkeley Commit @ SHS

Jason Wu

Studying Neuroscience @ UCLA

Derek Hsu

ASB President at SHS

Anand Agrawal

ASB Treasurer at SHS

Yousuf Zaman

Student Class Rep at SHS

Catherine Kan

Student class rep at shs

Emma Foley

Student at shs

Arjun Walia

Student at SHS